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The best water for hatching triops is distelled water(usually used to top up car batteries) and after one week, you can transfer them to a larger aquarium with either spring water, or tap water treated with a water conditioner that removes chlorine etc. the reason i didn't say distelled water when you transfer them is because when they grow up. ditelled water will be too pure for them and they need to feed on bacteria in the water. you can transfer your triops after 7-10 days.
Transferring Triops
before transferring your triops to a larger aquarium after 7-10 days you need to do the following:
first you should have your large tank setup before your triops started hatching so the water starts to age.
Second, when doing a water change in the hatching tank, remove 20% of the water and replace for four days with the water from the new aquarium for them to get used to the water. of course you start putting from the aquarium water after 6-10 days.
third, after 4 days of water changing have passed, you can then safely move your triops to the larger tank with  plastic spoon, turkey baster or an aquarium net.